Skincare & I

I’ll start by saying that skincare was once a daunting topic for me. I have spent quite some time in the isles of Sephora contemplating what to buy and leaving empty handed. The amount of skincare products that exist in the world is incredibly overwhelming and growing by the day- how do you pick when you have so much to choose from? Gone are the days when there was only one good moisturiser on the market, though my grandmother still swears by her Nivea cream.

The principle has since become this – you need to try as many products as you can until you find a routine that works well for you and your skin type. While product samples are a good indicator, the real test is to use a product for an average of two weeks to see if there are any positive results.

I have incredibly sensitive skin and I often get a lot of acne around my chin and cheek area- it’s certainly not the easiest combination to maintain. When I would use acne treatments they would dry and irritate my skin and if I moisturised too frequently, it would result in more ache.

I have since tried everything I could find to cure my dilemma- from clean beauty, to French pharmacy products, high end skincare, Japanese and certified organic.

While I am a big advocate for investing in your skin, I don’t feel you need a product for every surface to have beautiful, luminous skin. My routine is therefore quite succinct- and I don’t have a regime specifically for day and night.

Below is a list of products that work well for my skin type in the order that I use them.

Step 1: Cleanse:

1.  Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes: I love these makeup wipe because they are alcohol free and gentle around the eyes.

2.  Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution: When I was researching French pharmacy bestsellers this cleanser was always listed- I can now understand why! This solution is great at finding all the missed spots of makeup left on the skin after using a make up remover. It’s also great for removing waterproof mascara which is a very time consuming exercise. My skin always feels firmer after I use this product and I never get any breakouts or redness from use.

3.  Kora Organics Turmeric Mask: This mask has been a massive game changer to my skincare routine. Aside from cleansing the skin, it is also a brightening and exfoliating mask and works better than any product used on me at a spar. It is great for removing pigmentation, congested pours and for getting the circulation going.


Step 2: Tone:

1. Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner: This toner is super refreshing and is great for preventing breakouts by controlling the oils in your skin.



Step 3: Moisturise:

1. Kora Organics Noni Oil: This is perhaps my favourite product of all time. When I first purchased it, I was very sceptical because oil isn’t the best product to use for acne skin. This product completely revolutionised my skin by making it softer and dewy without causing breakouts. I mix the oil in my moisturiser and message into my skin and décolletage- as soon as I apply it onto my skin I feel incredibly hydrated. It is also a really good base for makeup.


2. Avène Skin Recovery Cream: This product mixed with the Noni Oil is a great combination for my skin. The formula for this moisturiser is for sensitive skin and thus, it is not fragranced. If I’m experiencing irritation on my skin, this moisturiser helps to calm the redness down.
Other areas:
Eyes- Kora Organics Noni Eye Oil: As the eye area is one of the first places to show signs of aging I wanted to invest in a product that would reduce lines. After much success with the Noni Face Oil I decided to try the Kora eye oil. After my first use I noticed how soothing the product is and that it reduced the dark circles under my eyes.


Lips- Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm: I am a victim of getting chapped lips quite frequently- though much of that is caused from my excessive use of wearing lipstick! Whenever I am in need of a fast remedy I apply the Nuxe lip balm. The formula works instantly and isn’t sticky. Sometimes I apply it before lipstick to avoid my lips from drying out.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir:  This product is really great as a setting spray. I sometimes apply during the day when I’m in need of some hydration. The scent is also very refreshing and energising.


While my skincare evolution took a long period of time to perfect, I am thankful for the process as I learnt what ingredients are good for my skin and I am no longer afraid to be seen in public without makeup on. While skincare is an important aspect of our everyday routine, we must remember that a good diet as well as exercise also contributes to the health of our skin- and so, we need to meet the skincare products halfway.
            - Valerie X