'She's like a dream girl and I think a dream girl should live in a dream world'

I am a girl that dreams of better things.

At the age of six I was told that the world is tough and cruel place and that in order to be ‘successful’ I must get a prestigious degree and eventually a corporate job. Seventeen years later I found myself in the corporate world while struggling to complete my degree simultaneously- I was unhappy and deflated, I felt as though the light in me was slowly fading.

My mechanism for getting through each day was through my wardrobe. I developed a love for vintage inspired clothing which became a form of escapism. I would eventually learn to use clothing to express myself and became intrenched in the concept of fashion as an artform. Every time I got dressed in something eccentric, I felt empowered and like the truest version of myself.

My position on life has since become this; success isn’t derived from status or money, but rather whether one has mastered the art of finding fulfilment.

And so with this mindset I ventured down a path driven purely by instinct and passion. My online boutique ‘Call me Valerie’ was created with the idea of being a femme fatale heroine who prioritised seducing life and the love of self.

The clothing available in the boutique is a curated collection of my wardrobe. It is a collection of high quality garments that are timeless pieces. My wardrobe is deeply personal and I wouldn’t sell a garment on the boutique that I didn’t believe in or couldn’t see myself owning. I try to invest in clothing that I can wear no matter the season or occasion.

The mission of Call me Valerie is simple; I want other women to feel the way I do when I walk down a street wearing vintage- confident, sensual, classy and ethereal; to have a closet filled with timeless garments that don't discriminate on age or size. I want to help foster a vintage community so that others do not go through their re-invention story alone as I had.

In opening my boutique, I am bringing the world I created inside my head to life- I feel grateful knowing I get to share this journey of fulfilment with you.

- Valerie X